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Pharmeceutical Industry

Pharmeceutical Industry

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We exist to help you acquire new skills to master the changes impacting the health care system. We know the attributes, attitudes and inner qualities that impress your customers and separate the peak performance individual from the rest of the crowd.

We help Managers and Representatives re-engineer themselves to think and act in new ways.
We teach breakthrough thinking, mental toughness, personal mastery and innovation, targeted to your industry.
We address the perplexing problems of the Pharmaceutical Industry, with a fresh view from the other side.
Build Superior Relationships with Your Customers
1 Hour Seminar at your Annual Conference, Regional Meeting or CME Event with Dr. Ken Nedd

Practical steps for Pharmaceutical Representatives:

Build rapport with Physicians and Hospital Executives.
Predict and profit change.
Reduce the stressful components of the job.
Increase personal effectiveness.
Become a more welcome team player.

Increased effectiveness of each Representative.
More meaningful interactions with Physicians and other customers.
Increase in the value of each call to the customer, and the company.

A lively, humorous, interactive presentation of ideas and techniques.
Targeted to upgrade the energy and results of the sales force.
Beyond training, product knowledge and presentation style.
Right to the heart of the interaction between the Representative and the Physician.
Neuro-physiological aspects of rapport and communication.
Scientific validity.
Points covered in a presentation
Managing yourself for best results.
Mastering a stressful environment – the Physician’s office.
Knowing when to seize an advantage and when to forgo an advantage.
Practical ways to “read” your customer.
How to break the preoccupation of a busy Physician in a few seconds.
Five tips on how to be great in communication with a Physician.
Attributes common to Physicians which interfere with a Representative’s job and how to master them.
The technology of rapport – practical techniques a Representative can use to establish a positive relationship with a busy Physician.
How to associate good feelings to yourself and your products.
How to anchor your products successfully – practical tips from the other side.
How to behave so that you are perceived more like a partner, and a team player, and not an outsider.
How to suspend your own reactions, and build a “golden bridge” for the Physician to cross over to you in tight spots.
The presentation will be punctuated by mini-breaks to accelerate learning. During these breaks of 60-seconds, the giving of information will be interrupted by the practice of specific techniques to ensure the acquisition of skills, and thus increase the value of Dr. Nedd’s presentation to each Representative.

Once the programme has been arranged, Dr. Nedd would like to review the actual details of the presentation with the Director of Sales, or someone designated by him or her to ensure absolute relevance and acceptance as far as the audience is concerned.