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7 Stress-Busting Tips for the Working Professional

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She jumps out of bed, rushes to the bath, notices her belly and avoids the scales, dashes to the kitchen, no time for breakfast, out the door, grabs a coffee on her way to work, up the elevator, straight to her deck, no time for hello, too much to do.

Works through lunch to finish a project for her boss, 40 more emails, 25 calls, hunger pangs at 2:30, rushes to the food court to pick up a muffin and more coffee, sits glued to her computer, no feedback from anyone, no time to chat.  She leaves at 6, dashes to pick up a pizza, then her son, lots of guilt, neck stiff, eyes burning, simmering anger. Makes dinner, nerves on edge, snaps at her love, goes to bed and weeps as she realizes that she gets to do it all over again tomorrow.

This is how we kill ourselves without really trying.

Here’s how to change things:

1. Face the fact that no amount of success in your professional life can make up for failure in your health. Make it your active purpose as Nathaniel Brandon says to put the health of your body and your mind first. Challenge yourself right in the middle of your busy day, everyday, to do even one thing specifically to protect your most important asset – your health

2. Write it on your heart and your computer screen that, happiness is not only relevant, it is crucial.  You are on the planet to be happy. You are here to celebrate the universe and anything short of that is foolish. Happy people not only live longer but they accomplish more. Learn to summon the emotion of happiness right there at your desk and spread it around as much as possible. Get up and walk around and look for signs of happiness in others and when you see it, accentuate it. This will help to keep you healthy. Happiness is the antidote to stress.

3. Change your attitude towards food especially breakfast and lunch. Stress is intimately connected to the way you eat. When you wake up in the morning, your body temperature rises and your metabolic rate is enhanced ready to nourish your cells. If you over ride this cue and rush to work without breakfast, insulin will instruct the body to store visceral fat around the middle, which contains enzymes that can hasten your demise.

4. Beware of substituting coffee for breakfast. Coffee stimulates a rise in cortisol and insulin giving the stress reaction an added boost. Want to avoid job stress and keep your cool under fire? Eat like a princess in the morning keeping the carbohydrates low. This is a wonderful way to fight stress as you head off to work.

5. At about noon your metabolism is at peak efficiency, ready to pulverize food and give you a rich supply of nutrients. Don’t bypass this opportunity, or insulin and cortisol will get yet another opportunity to produce inflammatory diseases like cancer, heart disease, dementia and arthritis which can all be precipitated by job stress.

6. Know that stress does more than tense your muscles or spoil your mood. According to Cardiologist Robert Elliot stress can also break the myocardial fibrils of your heart. 34,000 healthy Japanese die every year from heart attacks because of job stress. The pity is that while you rush to work and grumble at your computer under pressure, it is not just your mind that is under attack but your immune system and your cardiovascular system rendering you a more suitable candidate for cancer and heart disease.

7. Accept the fact that you are vulnerable and practice this technique every time you are confronted by one of the tiny, mundane irritations at work. Remember Elephants don’t bite but little mosquitoes do. Here’s the technique that can improve your effectiveness and your life:

Tense your body while taking a huge deep breath through your nose. Hold the tension and the deep breath for a while, then relax. Let all the tension go and feel it draining out of your body. Then smile and let your arms and legs become heavy and warm. Finally remind yourself right there and then that happiness is crucial.

This simple exercise will reverse the stress response at your desk in 11 seconds and in so doing it can ward off inflammation and a host of diseases that are the constant accompaniment of a stressful life.

Fight negative thoughts

Change Your Thoughts To Become A Happier Person

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Can you do with a little more happiness in your life?

Here are a few ideas that will help you become a much happier person.

You might have noticed that the brain is attracted much more quickly to negative events and circumstances than to positive ones. The brain tends to have a bias for the negative. Some neuroscientists say that the brain is a magnet for the negative.

If, for example, your boss praises you to the skies for writing a brilliant report, but causally suggests that you might have used a bigger font, guess what will be going through your mind for the rest of the day?

You will not only be cursing yourself for being so dumb to use the font you did, but you will be angry with yourself for having written a terrible report. The words of praise for the brilliant reports have been ignored by the brain in its effort to clings tightly to any negative items within its reach.

How do you overcome this negativity bias that the brain maintains as its default mode? Many have tried to be more positive but the affinity for the negative persists.

The only way to interfere with this passionate love affair between the brain and negative events or circumstances is to retrain the brain. This means that you have to increase your awareness of what you think, say or do by changing the way you look at the events and circumstances of your life. Actually, you can use the circumstances and events in your life as cues to initiate brain training.

First make it your duty to guard your mind with more diligence. Raising the level of your awareness and living more consciously will help.

Whenever a negative thought comes to you, notice it and dismiss it quickly before it has time to take root. Dismiss negative impulses, events or experiences as rapidly as possible and welcome with relish any pleasant or positive experiences that come your way.

Make it a habit of noticing the parts of your body that feel normal. If your knee hurts, notice with excitement and gratitude that your right hand feels good and celebrate that in the brain. Let your emphasis of the positive be so powerful that the brain has to let go of the negative and take note.

Savour every positive experience with such enthusiasm that it will expand and take over the impulses of your brain. Begin a mission of noticing and emphasizing what’s good in your life.  These techniques will increase your daily happiness.



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How To Handle A Conflict

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The fact that you are a unique human with your own special talents and gifts is a guarantee that conflicts will develop. But how do you handle a conflict responsibly and without any pain or hurt from the parties involved? Here are 15 practical ideas about conflicts that you can use:

1. Back away from conflicts. If you know someone is coming to pick a fight or provoke dissonance, try as much as possible to avoid that situation.

2. If a conflict already exists, don’t suppress the discomfort. Don’t put off dealing with the person or persons involved. Make an appointment and address the issue at an appropriate time. Carry the credo that you are going to destroy your enemy or enemies by turning them into your friends.

3. Conflicts cause stress and stress causes diseases. Prepare for the conversation or the meeting carefully. The chance to unload the stress is a big deal; take time to prepare. Don’t only prepare the facts but prepare yourself emotionally. Eschew all frustration, anger, bitterness, revenge or hostility and fill your thoughts and your mind with feelings of love and kindness and patience. Be your wisest and noblest self.

4. Write down the goal or goals that you want to achieve from the encounter. For example: “I want us to agree never to shout at each other again, unless the house is on fire. I want us to agree to get out of debt.” Go to the meeting with clear outcome goals.

5. Adopt another kind of goal, a behavioral goal or performance goal to govern how you will behave during the meeting. Whereas the outcome goal does not depend entirely on you, the behavioural goal is entirely in your hands. Here are a few examples: “I’m going to sit up straight and maintain eye contact. I am going to listen opportunistically and never interrupt. I’m going to take notes.”

6. Leave your ego at the door. Do nothing and say nothing out of a desire to look superior. Boost the other person’s ego if at all possible. This is not a contest.

7. Define the problem clearly. Stick to the facts and leave blame, criticism or revenge out of it – just the fact.

8. Describe clearly the behavior you observe and not what you think it means; e.g, “ I noticed you arrived at 4:30 pm,” rather than, “you are always late.” Resist the temptation to condemn.

9. Banish judgment. Embrace curiosity. Adopt an enquiring, learning attitude.

10. Refuse to defend yourself. When you are accused of something turn the spotlight on the problem you are here to solve and focus on that. Give up being right in favor of being happy. Communicate with clarity, courtesy, consideration, constructiveness, conciseness and congruence.

11. Listen more than you talk. The less you talk the stronger you become.

12. Breathe in deeply and slowly thru your nose and breathe out through your mouth and relax, all during the conversation or meeting

13. Beware! Negative emotions abound and hostility can easily be triggered. Put on an attitude of respect and acceptance when conflicts arise.


Who Is Your Family Doctor?

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I am a Family Doctor with a special interest in the impact of stress and happiness on human physiology and performance.

Like most Family Doctors, I have a good understanding of the mind – body connection. I can call up specialists in Gastroenterology, Neurology, ophthalmology or endocrinology, dermatology – you name it.

I know the best and I have access to them and can talk to the appropriate specialist in case I have a health problem.

Despite the ability I have to reach for a specialist and get her or him to attend to me if I am ill, I would feel very vulnerable if I did not have a family doctor especially one who knows practical physiology and biochemistry and who is experienced in preventing and treating all kinds of diseases.

With the prevalence of self-care and natural cures and prevention, there are far too many self-appointed “experts” in health care that think they have the right to become a health coach.

They embrace the right to fling around superficial advice on the most important aspect of life, just because they search the Internet and read a few articles on the subject or  can access an app that can check your blood pressure.

Good doctors are hard to find. Nevertheless, I would encourage you to get yourself one with whom you could search through the volume of crap that is being printed and presented to you every nanosecond.

Scientifically based disease prevention and treatment regimens are crucial if you want to be happy and healthy.

The family doctor understands human physiology, anatomy and biochemistry as it relates to your everyday life.  He or she is steeped in the body-mind connection. They see the evidence and work with it every day.

The Family doctor is in contact with specialists who are laboring daily in different fields to fight an array of diseases.

When it comes to your health you don’t need the flippant opinions of self appointed teachers and healing experts whose qualifications reside in the fact that they have read a few nutrition articles and books and can look things up on the internet.

Health or well being is the most important gift that you can give yourself and you ought to work with someone who knows the intricacies of what is going on inside your psycho-physiological system.

Trust someone whose life’s work it is to preserve health and reject diseases in all the organs and systems of the body with a huge legal accountability.

Get all the opinions and second opinions you want to get, explore all the options that make you feel comfortable, but know where to draw the line – with you and your doctor.

It’s up to you to find the right doctor for your needs. Your life depends on it.

In a future blog I will give you some specific ideas about what constitutes a good doctor and how you might go about finding the one that is right for you.


Top Stress Techniques to Prevent and Control Hypertension and Type 2 Diabetes

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There is an epidemic of hypertension and Blood sugar problems in Canada and the United States.

Young peoples should not wait until they have signs or symptoms to be concerned. Because prevention is the best form of cure,  I want to be a voice crying out in the wilderness to help you focus on becoming healthier and keeping your blood sugar and blood pressure in the right zone with each passing day.

Here are a few ideas I have gathered after consulting with more than 120 thousand young people:

  • Health First – make this a practical obsession as you journey to the top. Without paying special attention to your health your may never reach where you want to go and if you do, the journey would have been less pleasant.
  • Establish a personal nutrition policy.  Tell yourself that you will not eat just to entertain your cheeks or please your taste buds, but rather to enhance your health, boost your energy and to make you resilient against blood sugar problems, heart disease, cancer and memory problems to which so many people fall victim. Not you. Every time you eat, make it an activity that will strengthen the immune system, and strengthen the heart and the brain.
  • Surround yourself with scientific information about what is good for taking care of your beautiful body and building resistance against disease. Don’t wait until you are 30 or 50 to take your immune system seriously. Do it now. Build a strong refined and integrated physiology that that will resist entropy and serve the world with enthusiasm.
  • Think cells. Remember that in your quest for a great you have 50 trillion cells that are depending on you. They want to help you achieve your goals but you must never ever ignore their constant pleas for good nutrition. Before you shop, before you bring any food within range of consumption, think cells. Ask yourself if this is the kind of food that will give you the energy and cellular motivation to conquer the world.
  • Refused to be duped by your youth. You are not as young as you think you are.  You do not have as much time as you think you do. If you are twenty-three, wink twice and you will be 35 wondering how you so foolishly wasted so many years. Be accountable now for the time you have and use it to build a refined and integrated physiology.

It is not old folks alone who should be saying that all your have is your health. If you are a wise young person you should know this and take it to heart. You can do that by instituting an exercise routine right into your day. Don’t make it complex.

Do it at home if you can and make sure you do certain practices that will increase  and maintain the strength and flexibility of your body. I am so glad I do Bikram’s yoga.

Stress is ubiquitous. Everybody is talking about how stressed they are and since stress is a huge component of most disorders, develop a policy to get a hold of stress before it gets ahold of you.

You will have difficulties but they don’t have to give you stress. Stress is the way you respond to the difficulties and hardships of your life. Your response will impact the way your heart functions. It will determine how high your blood sugar will rise. It will determine how much catecholamine will be released from Adrenal medulla. These factors will affect your propensity to develop Diabetes and heart disease and the early you are poised to take control the healthier and stronger and more effective you will be in your life.

The bottom line is – don’t take your health and energy for granted because you are young and have an abundance of energy. Institute these pillars of health NOW.

Prudent nutrition, physical exercise and stress control form the foundation of a successful and happy life.


13 Rules to Live By For a Happier Life

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Here are some suggestions of rules that you might apply to your life as you race towards your success:

- Wherever you are be fully there.Turn up the level of your awareness. Really see what you see and hear what you hear. She who is most aware of her environment is best able to master it. So imagine that your awareness is a lamp. Make sure it is trimmed and burning bright and you must keep turning up the wick of your awareness so your lamp burns brighter and brighter with every passing moment.  And focus your awareness inside – on what you are feeling and thinking, as well as  on the circumstances outside. Human beings are the only animals capable of focusing awareness inside and outside at the same time. Make use of this most powerful asset.

-Harbour no bitterness towards anyone. Walk around with a basket full of forgiveness and throw a handful of it right in the face of anyone who offends you. Life is just too short to spend any portion of it nursing animosities and registering wrongs and grumbling about the past. Nurturing resentment is like feeding a snake that will turn around and bite you to death.

-Love unselfishly. Love is a verb. Perform outrageous acts of love – at least once everyday. Do it at home. Do it at work. Do it on the street.

-Give your life away in service to others. See yourself as a channel of blessing to others especially those who are suffering in some way. Let “How may I serve” be the guiding principle of your daily life. Service fuels success.

-Cultivate and practice 9 qualities in your life. Write them down the old fashion way on a card and also put them in your phone or i-pad and think about them everyday: Love, Joy, peace, patience, kindness, humility, generosity, empathy and self control. Measure your actions by these 9 factors.

-Set your financial house in order

-Get out of debt. Revisit what you spend money on that offers little meaningful reward and can be easily dropped. Do you spend 2 weeks of your life working for money that brings you only a moment’s pleasure that is quickly forgotten? Money earned represents a piece of your heart. Use it well.

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In 2014, what have you got to lose?

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When you look at the year 2014, you usually think about what you want to achieve or acquire. In my case, like most ambitious people, I want to acquire a new talent such as learning how to speak Latin or publishing my 2 new books etc.

I don’t know what your goals are. I don’t know what you want to achieve this year. But, I would like you to realize that it is as important to let go of the old and useless habits that are clogging up your life, as it is to acquire new things.

For a sponge to gather more water, it has to rid itself of what it has, before it can soak up some more.

Sometimes I am so concerned with attaining new heights of success that I am unaware that I am carrying around emotional cargo in the background of my mind that serve only to slow me down.

Any negative emotions such as envy, self doubt, animosity or hatred can only hurt you both physiologically and financially. These emotions slow your performance and are injurious to your health. It is a far, far better thing you do to leave them behind.

So I am taking another look at myself to try to find weeds and obstacles that are embedded in my life and I would like to invite you to join me on this journey of self examination. The more time you spend examining yourself the faster you will get to your desired destination.

While the year is still young, take a serious lingering look at your life again and consider, not what you want to get, but what you want to lose.

Ask yourself these 3 questions:

What unnecessary burdens are you carrying around with you?

What keeps you awake at night?

What bad habits are you still holding on to that is standing in the way of your progress?

What emotions do you need to delete from your life?

Assess your relationships and see who is holding you back. What committees do you need to resign from? What feelings of anger, guilt or unforgiveness do you need to release?

Whom do you need to forgive so you can travel more freely?

Look at your life in this way and rid yourself of anything that might impede your progress as you race towards your goals. This is your time to soar.

Make 2014 your best year ever.


Rules For Communication in a Love Relationship

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Here are fourteen tips guaranteed to help you get the most out of your love relationships througheffective communication, active listening, and mutual respect:

1.     Timing – Plan a special time to talk especially if it’s about a thorny issue. Make an appointment with the person who lives in the same house and sleeps in the same bed. Keep the appointment.

2.     Attitude – Bring a happy, cheerful spirit to the meeting and rid yourself of any complaining, grumpy, vengeful or condemnatory demeanor.

3.     Resolution – Resolve to do no harm. Ban words that hurt and use words that adorn and encourage. Accentuate the positive

4.     Goal – Write down a goal for the communication, what do you want as a result of the conversation? What do you want the outcome to be and also have some goals for the conduct of the session?  For example, I am going to lean forward and look her in the eyes, I am going to keep my cool and lower my voice if I feel a tinge of anger.

5.     Clarity – Communicate with absolute charity. Be clear about what you want to say and ensure that the other person understands clearly.

6.     No interruption  Make a rule beforehand that neither of you will disturb the other, while the other is talking.

7.     I don’t want to talk  – Make an appointment for another time if you started and one person does not want to continue. Agree to stop on one condition that you book a mutually agreeable time. Communication is key.

8.     Flog the topic to death – Leave no relevant unfinished business on the table. Ensure that you are both satisfied and that all that needs to be said was said. 

9.     No new issue - Don’t bring up any other issue that has no direct connection to what you are discussing. Explore only one issue at a time

10.  Use “I” not “you”- I feel angry when see you coming home late, not you make me angry by coming home late. Where ever possible use I and not you. It promotes vulnerability, which is very appealing in a love relationship.

11.  Admit your faults and errors- “Admitting error clears the score and leaves you better than before.” Play a game with yourself, try and see how many times during the meeting you can say with sincerity, “I’m so sorry, please forgive me.” This will deepen your humility, a key attribute of success.

 12.  Listen more than you talk- Listen attentively, listen opportunistically, listen and ask for clarification, listen and hold back response, listen to the message behind the message.

 13.  Foster agreement- Focus on what you have in common

14.  Don’t go on and on- Be succinct and concise and especially when tackling a troublesome issue.



What kind of year do you want to have?

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We pay great attention to things that we can see, touch and count and tend to ignore the invisible and the intangible when these are the most important factors in determining our success in life.

Don’t measure your year only by the material things that you would like to achieve in your professional or personal life. Don’t only think of the money you would like to make, the position your would like to attain, the house you would like to build, the job you would like to land or how many clients you would like to see. Write down your material goals yes. Develop a clear vision of the outcome you want in your chosen field of endeavor. The results that you can touch, see, count or measure is an invaluable an invaluable part of your success.

But in addition to the outcome goals that you list, try to include and focus on performance goals. These are the goals that will determine how you will function from day to day or minute to minute. These goals will govern how you behave as your strive towards the mark that you set for yourself.
Think of how you would like to be or function in the process, the daily journey, minute by minute. See yourself in action in your mind’s eye and imagine that you are doing something noble or rewarding from day to day at every step.

Make an effort every day to enrich yourself by reading a quote or a paragraph of a book with the specific intention of inspiring your mind and upgrading your attitude and actions.

When all is said and done, your achievements depend on the caliber of your thinking, the content of your character. So take time with yourself and make it a goal to spend even 5 minute with yourself every day, because it is in you that the treasure lies.

Your inner development and the values and principles that govern your performance constitute the magnet that will draw the things, people and circumstances that are in harmony with the material goals that you want to achieve.

At all times endeavor to think, act and assume the inner attitude that will surface and propel your success. Make this inner work a goal.
Tell yourself that you are going to act with courage and discipline and that you are going to be persistent. Think of the qualities you need to have to be the best at whatever you do and program these qualities in your life. Write them down. Focus on them so that they will be there when you are up against the wall.

And bring an air of happiness to everything you tackle. Happiness is relevant.

Think about the emotions you want to feel this year – energy, love, joy, pride, peace, gratitude, compassion or whatever is appropriate for you. Think about the excitement you want to create in your family or coworkers. Don’t underplay the role of emotions as you work to achieve your goals.
The whole point of this report is that you should make the desired emotional state a goal. Treat it as a goal and monitor its power in your life as you go along.

If you don’t do anything to enhance positive emotions, negative emotions will predominate and make your year miserable even if you manage to get some good financial results.

Remember happiness is the prize. You are here to celebrate the moments of life. Don’t let your striving for success extinguish your appreciation of the importance of happiness. In everything choose happiness.

When you are walking down the street, choose happiness, when you are arguing with your boyfriend, choose happiness, when your boss is unreasonable, choose happiness.

The opposite of happiness is not just an unpleasant feeling but the beginning of a cascade of reactions that can lead to a host of diseases including heart disease and cancer. Choose to work and live and have your being as a happy person and remember happiness comes in moments.
So take a moment to say something nice to someone every day. Take a moment to look out the window and breathe a breath of gratitude. Take a moment to send an email to a struggling friend to express your love or to an old teacher to register your gratitude.

Let this year be a year in which you achieve not only material things but spiritual and emotional growth as well.


The Latest in Nutrition and Performance

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I thought I would review with you some of the latest research in Medicine and Nutrition. I will do this from time to time as long as you find it helpful.

If you are going to be a top performer this year, your physiology must be in tops form. You must be concerned with what the evidence is for a particular food or dietary supplement.

I hope therefore that you will welcome this random review of scientific studies. Try to use the suggestions that appeal to you, to improve your level of well being.

Here are 8 Facts about Nutrition that can affect your overall physiological performance in life:

· An article in the journal of Nutrition and Cancer by Sang LXet al showed that greater consumption of green tea might reduce the risk of esophageal cancer in females.

· Sweet potatoes is among the most nutritious vegetables and is a good choice to replace other more refined carbohydrates. It has been investigated to see its effect on Diabetes. It seems to be have the desired effect in reducing the risk of Diabetes but definite studies need to be done before we can recommend it but as it is without side effect, I recommend it to my patients who at risk of developing Obesity and Diabetes.

· Li Y et al studies the relationship between egg consumption and heart disease and diabetes. They found that the high the egg consumption the higher the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

· According to a study done by Waldman T, et al, Calcium supplementation, though encouraged for bone health, and for post menopausal women, its safety has been question because of a possible association with cardiovascular disease. One researcher suggests that more than 2000 mg may be do more harm than good.

· Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer and has a higher incidence than all other cancers combined. According to Noel SE, et al laboratory data suggests that Omega -3 could potentially protect against skin cancer.

· Greater intake of dietary fibre is associated with cardiovascular disease as well as coronary artery disease which leads to a heart attack. So read labels and aim to consume 40 gram of dietary fibre every day.

· More than 8 studies were examined to see if chocolate positively influenced brain function and the result was that there is a clear evidence of cognitive enhancement form chocolate ( cocoa and methylxantine)

· Don’t worry be happy. One hundred bouts of laughter is equivalent to 10 minutes exercise on a bike.

The Power of “No” and 12 Things to Say “No” to in 2014

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It is much easier to train a child in the way he or she should go, and install good qualities and behaviors in their character while they are still young.

I think the same principle applies to a new year.

The year is still young and pliable. This is the right time to install into the year the attitudes, thoughts, actions and habits that you want to become a permanent part of your life.

By the month of May, the year will have aged and become like a delinquent and rebellious teenager and any attempts at inducing change will be met with great resistance.

By September you will have an old man, fixed in his ways, walking the accustomed path, and any positive transformation will be a mammoth task, requiring efforts that you might not be able to muster.

So while the year is still in its infancy and change is still in the air, figure out what you want in your year and what you don’t want– actually stop and work on yourself and begin the process of building a new and better year.

One tool you need to carry with you is the word “NO.” Regard it as an indispensable accompaniment of your self-development journey to wildly successful and happy life.

If, for example, you are tired because you usually feel obliged to accommodate every request for help, now is a good time to decide that you are going to use the word no to protect your health and regulate your energy.

I invite you to sit down, look at your life and define the burdens that are holding you back. Write down the ones, which you will no longer allow to discolor or degrade your life. Prepare to say no.

“The Power of No and 12 Things to Say to No to This Year”

1. I will say no to any task that in any way conflicts with my integrity or my sense of right and wrong. That inner dissonance causes stress and stress kills.

2. I will say no to any task or any act that will compromise my health and dishonor my body.
3. I will say no to gossiping about other people

4. I will say no to difficult and unreasonable people who wear me out to no avail.

5. I will say no to doing anything just to look good in the eyes of others – a big no to self-aggrandizement.

6. I will say no to distractions and diversions that take me away from my main focus.

7. I will say no to any activity that takes me away from the main goals I have decided to pursue, no matter how appealing they might be.

8. I will say no to any temptation to try to control any other human being, to get them to behave as I want them to behave or do what I want them to do or think as I would like them to think. No to the temptation to control others. That’s what makes the angels weep according to William James.

9. I will say no to going without breakfast because health comes first and breakfast sets the tone for the day.

10. I will say no to eating after 9 pm.

11. I will say no to foods like cakes, pies, donuts except on Saturday nights.

12. I will say no to wearing out myself just for money. Instead I will pay great attention to the whispers of dis – harmony inside my body and invest in self-renewal and rejuvenation.

Make a list of the things to which you are going to say no and begin now before rigor mortis sets in.

Take control of your life and the word NO can make it easier for you.

And remember that good habits are hard to form, so keep diligently breaking in the year with good practical ideas and principles before it gets too old.

What will you say no to?

Please take a piece of paper and write down the things that are making you unhappy. Decide what you will say no to and start today while the year is still young and malleable and by September your year will be brimming with success.

14 Prescriptions for a Happier Life in 2014

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1. Assume the role of a happy person – act like you are happy, walk like you are happy, smile like you are happy – actions will create the feelings

2. Behave with the happiness of yourself and other people in mind. Do things that will tend to trigger good feelings in yourself and in others

3. Connect to your innermost self. Get to know YOU. Connect to others, reach out to as many people as possible and connect spiritually. Don’t just say you are spiritual, do something about it

4. Dwell upon happy thoughts – happy outcomes to the efforts you are making, happy memories, reject negative thoughts.

5. Exercise at least 5 days a week for an hour a day – people who exercise have more energy and are happier and eat colorful fruits and vegetables, reduce simple carbohydrates and decrease saturated fat.

6. Flow – whatever you are doing get into flow and this is how you do it : focus on the task you undertake, loose concern for self, others, results or time and just be fully absorbed in what you do.

7. Give – become more generous this year – give money – give time – give yourself – loose yourself in service and you will find true joy

8. Harmony – create physiological harmony by taking a few moments several times a day to breathe deeply and slowly in through your nose and out through your mouth and smile as you breath out

9. Imperturbable – become imperturbable, calm and steady in the midst of all that comes and goes. When troubles strike, choose to breathe in deeply thru your nose and look the problems straight in the eyes and say, I can handle that and remain calm. Let your peace sink so far and so deep inside that Satan can never find it.

10. Joy – make a list of 12 things that give you joy and make them a big part of your life

11. Knots – Remove the knots from your life. Turn your enemy into a friend, forgive your spouse or your parent and entertain no anger, hatred or hostility.

12. Love more than you did, give love to everyone as much as you can and remember love is really a verb. Try to add happiness to the life of at least one person every day.

13. Monitor your mood. Are you allowing circumstances to control your mood?

14. No is a powerful word. Do not say yes when you should say no. Protect your heart and the word “no” can help.

Warning: Time is Short

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One of the biggest mistakes you may be making is to think that because you are healthy and young now, you can afford to waste a few more days, weeks, months or years engaging in behaviors and forming habits that may feel good for the moment but add no lasting value to your life. But you comfort yourself by saying “well I’m only 25″ or whatever.

I had a very attractive 23-year old female patient whose major goal in life was to get married and become an outstanding mother of 4 children and raise a family of loving people that would be equipped to do great work in the world. She was inspiring. She also wanted to be a vet to mainly look after horses.

She was very fortunate that she had a clear picture of what she wanted her life to be. However she kept putting off the difficult steps that would prepare her for the future she wanted.

Whenever she was challenged to be more responsible, her excuse was always, “Oh, I’m only 23; I have lots of time.” So she flirted with lots of guys, postponed reading books about her dreams, and basically did what was fun and easy instead of what was hard and necessary. Continue reading

10 Tips for leading in a workplace without stress

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I would like to invite each one of you to step up to the line and decide to be a leader in your field. Leadership is the ability to inspire those around you and bring out the best in them. You can do this by the inspiring quality of your work and relationships.

Here are a few points for your consideration and review.

  1. If you are a designated leader with a recognized title, don’t be afraid to make it clear to everyone that you are indeed the leader. Welcome the power that you have as a recognized leader and let people know that you feel really honored to be their leader. You can then use your power to boost the ego, energy, happiness and performance of those around you. Don’t waste the leadership opportunity.
  2. The best use of your title or position is to embellish it and use it to make others feel valued. Leadership is not about you. It is about them. Continue reading

What’s in a new dress?

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We have all heard it. We know it is true. We have even experienced its miraculous results from time to time, but in tough times when we need to use it, we find it hard to act it out.

What is it?

It is not what happens to you that matters but the attitude you choose to adopt when something happens to you”.

Why is it that we fail to adopt a positive attitude in the face of trouble when we know that a positive attitude is the best antidote to problems?

Continue reading

The Power of No

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Michelle is a 29 year-old marketing genius. The word is circulating among the 355 employees of the firm where she works.

If you want something done well, give it to Michelle. If you need help with your own work, go to Michelle. She is fast, knowledgeable and she gets results. Most of all she is really nice.

But Michelle’s own projects are falling behind at the mercy of a multitude of requests from all parts of the company.

Continue reading


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Love is the most powerful force in the world. All religious leaders agree that we should love one another. Infants die without love. It is said that everything we do in life is either to get love or to make up for our lack of love. So that bully who delights in putting down other people, the timid person in the corner who tries to avoid contact with others, and the famous leader with all his power—they are all hungry for love. But Love is not a possession. It is not something you have, so much as something you do. Love is a verb. In the words of Oscar Hammerstein: “A bell is no bell till you ring it. A song is no song till you sing it. The love in your heart wasn’t put there to stay, love isn’t love till you give it away!”


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Most people think that when we are asleep, nothing is happening. That’s nonsense. Have you ever passed by a school in recess? Kids are running around, yelling and screaming calling out to their friends—lots happening. You know it’s a school. You go to the supermarket and on your way back, the schoolyard is vacant. The building is now quiet. It’s as if everyone is asleep, but that is when the important work is taking place. Likewise, when you are asleep, the brain is busy cleaning house, re-organizing and re-energizing itself to prepare you for the next day. Whatever you do, don’t cheat yourself out of the 7 or 8 hours that you need for optimum function. When you are asleep, that is when the important work is going on.

Stress is the Response

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What is this thing called stress? Stress is not the loss of a job, nor is it a quarrelsome spouse or a demanding boss. These are difficult situations, and such things are inevitable. Life is really just one darn thing after another, but stress is the way you choose to respond to the hardships that confront you. Just because you are having a rough time right now doesn’t mean you have to suffer from stress. No—you can respond to the hardships by balancing your body, breathing deeply and evenly through your nose, and saying with conviction, “Things are tough, but I can handle it.” Think great thoughts, especially in rough times, and you will turn stress into success.