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A member of our choir with whom I sing every Thursday evening, moved to another city a few days ago.

It was a huge promotion for him but it left me very sad.

Our choir will miss this brilliant musician with an outstanding voice…

but that is not why I am sad.

I am sad because I had a strange encounter with him on the last day he attended choir practice.

I arrived at the parking lot for choir practice just about 10 seconds before he did.

There was only one parking spot left, so I naturally was entitled to use it and he would have to go on the street.

I did not know he was leaving the city, but something inside of me said, offer him the space. Let him have it. This is an opportunity to make someone feel special.

But I was not big enough, humble enough nor gracious enough to forgo my own convenience.

So I quickly pulled into the space and glanced longingly at him as he drove off in the rain in search of other parking spaces on the street.

I always remember that evening with a tint of regret. I really wished I had the largeness of heart to have backed down and offered him the space even if I was entitled to it.

That was his last practice with us and as I said goodbye to him for the last time, deep inside I felt that I had let myself down.

I had an opportunity to practice love, grace, humility and generosity but I wasted it.

Please note that I refused to give him the parking spot for a good reason.

I was first. I was entitled to it.

I could have gone the extra mile for him but I had a good reason to deny him the space.

When you are prompted to be compassionate and generous, there is always a good reason to do the ordinary and expected thing but the mark of greatness is to believe so deeply in the practice of compassion, empathy and generosity that no matter how good the reason to be selfish, you follow the superior path.

Nietzsche said if you want to be more than merely one of the masses, you must cease to be easy on yourself.

You will have an opportunity to give when you have little or to give in when you are right and let the other person win, or to go the extra mile and let the other person look good.

In those moments you will be tempted to forgo that opportunity, cater to your own interest and just do the ordinary thing.

Let this little note remind you to always look out for the highest good of others.

As the philosopher Emerson advised, “Consent your self to be the organ of your highest and noblest thought”.

Fallin in love again

The Magic of Falling in Love Again

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There is nothing better for human beings while they live than to be happy.

And you cannot be happy without love.

Love is the most powerful force in the world.

All religious leaders agree that we should love one another.

Infants without love die.

It is said that everything we do in life is either to get love or to make up for the lack of love. So that bully who delights in putting down other people, the timid person in the corner who tries to avoid contact with others as well as the famous leader with all his power, they are all hungry for love.

But Love is not a possession. It is not so much something you have, love is something you do. Love is a verb.

A bell is no bell till you ring it. A song is no song till you sing it The love in your heart wasn’t put there to stay, love isn’t love till you give it away.

Do you want to be a great lover?

Here are 3 things you need to remove from your life if you want to have great  relationships.

A – Advice – We love to give advice because it makes us look good and we think we are doing something good. The truth is that your lover or anyone in a relationship with you is not looking for advice. They want to feel valued. So whenever you are tempted to give advice, try to resist the urge and do or say something to make the person feel valued instead.

B – Back away from conflicts. Conflicts in a relationship are natural and conflicts promote negative emotions.

If a conflict already exists try to resolve it. But what I want to impress upon you today is that you should learn to spot conflicts before they break out and back away from them.  “In all the trade of war, no feat is nobler than a brave retreat”.

C – Criticism. Make it a rule not to criticize your lover under any circumstances.

Criticisms lead to feelings of resentment, which block the flow of love. Even if you think you should criticize just this one time … don’t.

Whenever you are tempted to criticize, compliment your partner instead. That is an effective way to bring out the best in them.

95% of our joy in life comes from our relationships.

If you really want to be happy, you need to invest in upgrading your ability to build a superior relationship with your partner and with other people as well.

The amazing thing is that when you are happy and in love, you feel more energized. You are more creative, your personal effectiveness will soar, and you will do much better financially.

I just opened the door to my new program called, How to Create a Superior Love Relationship.

In this program you will learn how to:

·    Make your partner feel more excited

·    Bring more intimacy into your relationship

·    Feel happier about yourself and more confident

·    How to bring more joy into your relationship when things go wrong

·    Remove any barriers that may be threatening to decrease your happiness together.

·    Stimulate feelings of optimism and love in stressful times

I made sure that this program is so affordable that virtually every person can get  it.

Please check this program out at http://www.poweroverstress.com/how-to-create-a-superior-love-relationship-sp/

This is the best investment you can ever make. A new i-phone, or a better computer might improve your life a little but this investment will change your whole life.

It will show you how to make yourself and your partner happier and it will give you the tools to spread the happiness you feel to  people around you.

If your relationship is losing the spark it once had, this investment will transform the way you feel about each other and make you happier than you ever dreamed possible as long as you follow the program.

This unique opportunity to improve your life is available only for a limited time, so act now and get this program.

Wishing you a superior Love Relationship

xemenia and her mom 218..


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Cardiovascular disease is mainly a consequence of how we live.

This condition is the number one killer among women in the developed countries and stress plays a significant part in increasing your risk of succumbing to this deadly disease.

Most women have to organize their own work schedule and then organize the home and the pressure mounts.

In many cases 85% of the work done in dual pay check families is done by women.

During the fertile age women have a lower risk of heart events because the female hormone estrogen provides a natural measure of protection.

Nevertheless younger women are still at risk and in this busy time, it is wise to use some protective regimen to ward off the effects of stress.

Even pausing and taking deep inhales through your nose and long exhales through your mouth and relaxing all your muscles as your exhale, will help to decrease the stress.

After menopause when most women are still working hard and have great responsibilities at work and at home, the female hormones begin to dwindle and the protection against heart disease fades.

So the post menopausal women who have risk factors such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, blood sugar abnormalities and stress are suddenly at greater risk of developing a heart attack, stroke or sudden cardiac death.

The stress from work and family will impact the health of the cardiovascular system in a significant way.

Several studies have revealed the effect of stress on heart disease.

Stress causes asymmetric impulses in the heart. Stress also causes an increase in circulating epinephrine which damages blood vessels and raises blood pressure and it causes inflammation in endothelium of blood vessels especially in the arteries that supply blood to the heart.

Stress also causes an increase in circulating cortisol which can increase obesity and diabetes.

The interesting thing is that all these conditions are silent and as they progress, women are often at a very important and busy stage of their career and are confronting multiple stressors.

Many studies have demonstrated that apart form the diminishing hormones in older women, stress itself produces hormones leading to an increasing risk of heart disease during or after menopause.

Exercise, relaxation training and mind fitness training have been found to be helpful and can be used as an antidote to the silent disease.

Every woman should be aware of their vulnerability to disease especially with the approach of menopause and the increase of stress.

Adopt some simple techniques to combat the effects of stress. You can find useful ideas and practical techniques here in my blog. Also you can download one of my best stress reduction trainings at www.poweroverstress.com 

Get a hold of stress and use every difficulty as a cue to protect your most precious possession – your health.


Life Perspective

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One day a father of a very wealthy family took his son on a trip to the country with the firm purpose of showing his son how poor people live. They spent a couple of days and nights on the farm of what would be considered a very poor family.

On their return from their trip, the father asked his son, “How was the trip?”
“It was great, Dad.”
“Did you see how poor people live?” the father asked.
“Oh yeah,” said the son.
“So, tell me, what did you learn from the trip?” asked the father.

The son answered: “I saw that we have one dog and they had four.
We have a pool that reaches to the middle of our garden and they have a creek that has no end.
We have imported lanterns in our garden and they have the stars at night.
Our patio reaches to the front yard and they have the whole horizon.
We have a small piece of land to live on and they have fields that go beyond our sight.
We have servants who serve us, but they serve others.
We buy our food, but they grow theirs.
We have walls around our property to protect us, they have friends to protect them.”
The boy’s father was speechless.
Then his son added, “Thanks, Dad, for showing me how poor we are.”

Too many times, we forget what we have and concentrate
on what we don’t have. What is one person’s worthless object is another’s prize possession. It is all based on one’s perspective.

Makes you wonder what would happen if we all gave thanks for all the bounty
we have instead of worrying about wanting more. Take joy in and appreciate every single thing you have, especially your friends!

Please pass this page on to friends and acquaintances
to help them refresh their perspective and appreciation.

Because Life is Short and Good
Friends are too Few.


10 signs that a break-up is imminent

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Sometimes we are so enamored of our lover that we are incapable of assessing whether they are really into us.

When you hear any of the following from your lover beware:

10. You are such a wonderful person
9.This is just as difficult for me as it is for you
8. I am saying this because I really care for you
7. You are too good for me
6. You deserve someone better
5.I just can’t fall in love with anyone right now
4. You’ll make someone a terrific spouse, you are such a good person
3. I’m just not myself these days
2. It’s not you. It’s me that is the problem
1. I’m not going to let you have to put up with me any longer

When you hear these kinds of words, he or she is just not into you anymore. Resist the temptation to make excuses for their behavior. They are just not into you. Time to protect yourself.


Never Loose Your Beauty

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I would like to invite you to make a resolution to look younger, feel younger and have more energy one year from now. Aim to be substantially more beautiful in one year than you are right now.

I think people age too rapidly. They loose their beauty too quickly. As soon as they hit thirty, they bring out the aging ugly attitudes and draining emotions that make them look ancient and they begin to panic.

I was with a young lawyer one Friday evening…  It was a wonderful evening but all the time she was in the throws of anxiety… the woman was worried.

She was worried because she was about to hit thirty and had no marital prospects. She had met no suitable mate. She felt incapable of attracting a man of quality and now she is mildly depressed and lonely and she regarded  herself as old.

Some people think of themselves as old at 50 and some even at 40 or 30.  And so they drift on into the inevitable pit of darkness worrying as they go down the tube of time.

And guess what, worry sucks away your happiness and makes you intolerable as partner. And worry ages you like nothing else…

Allow me to remind you that no matter how many birthdays you have had, you still have the option to see yourself as young and sprightly.

Write down the age you want to look like. See yourself in your mind as if you are that age. Walk as if you are that age,  work as if you are that age and associate with the positive people of that age.

And life and the freedom to move and to think are as one. The more you move, the more your think, the more you plan, the younger you become.

You are as old as you decide to be…   Think of yourself as young and powerful and energetic. Dress well. Improve your qualities. Grow in all the good ways that you can. Embrace change. When you are young, you grow and you change. Make sure that you become more beautiful with each passing day. Think about it, dream it, will it and do what ever you can to materialize it in you reality.


it will help you stay lifted and strong!


As the poet TS Elliott says”

“ Do not go gentle into that dark night rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

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What Kind Of Year Do You Want To Have?

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We pay great attention to things that we can see, touch and count while we ignore the invisible and the intangible aspects of life when these are the most important factors in determining our success in life.

Don’t measure your year only by the material things that you would like to achieve in your professional or personal life.

Don’t only think of the money you would like to make, the position you would like to attain, the house you would like to build, the job you would like to land or how many clients you would like to see.

Write down your material goals. Develop a clear vision of the outcome you want in your chosen field of endeavor. The results that you can touch, see, count or measure is an invaluable part of your success.

But in addition to the outcome goals that you list, try to include and focus on performance goals. These are the goals that will determine how you will function from day to day or minute to minute. These goals will govern how you behave as your strive towards the mark that you set for yourself.

Think of how you would like to be or function in the process, the daily journey, minute by minute. See yourself in action in your minds eye and imagine that you are doing something noble or rewarding from day to day at every step.

Make an effort every day to enrich yourself by reading a quote or a paragraph of a book with the specific intention of inspiring your mind and upgrading your attitude and actions.

When all is said and done, your achievements depend on the caliber of your thinking, the content of your character. So take time with yourself and make it a goal to spend even 5 minute with yourself every day, because it is in you that the treasure lies.

Your inner development and the values and principles that govern your performance constitute the magnet that will draw the things, people and circumstances that are in harmony with the material goals that you want to achieve.

At all times endeavor to think, act and assume the inner attitude that will surface and propel your success. Make this inner work a goal.

Tell yourself that you are going to act with courage and discipline and that you are going to be persistent. Think of the qualities you need to have to be the best at what ever you do and program these qualities into your life. Write them down. Talk about them. Focus on them. Keep your find riveted on what those qualities you want to possess and they will be there when you are up against the wall.

And bring an air of happiness to everything you tackle. Happiness is relevant.

Think about the emotions you want to feel this year – energy, love, joy, pride, peace, gratitude, compassion or whatever is appropriate for you. Think about the excitement you want to create in your family or coworkers. Don’t underplay the role of emotions as you work to achieve your goals.

The whole point of this report is that you should make the desired emotional state a goal. Treat it as a goal and monitor its power in your life as you go along.

If you don’t do anything to enhance positive emotions, negative emotions will predominate and make your year miserable even if you manage to get some good financial results.

Remember happiness is the prize. You are here to celebrate the moments of life. Don’t let your striving for success extinguish your appreciation of the importance of happiness. In everything choose happiness.

When you are walking down the street, choose happiness, when you are arguing with your boyfriend, choose happiness, when your boss is unreasonable, choose happiness.

The opposite of happiness is not just an unpleasant feeling but also the beginning of a cascade of reactions that can lead to a host of diseases including heart disease and cancer. Choose to work and live and have your being as a happy person and remember happiness comes in moments.

So take a moment to say something nice to someone every day. Take a moment to look out the window and breathe a breath of gratitude. Take a moment to send an email to a struggling friend to express your love or to an old teacher to register your gratitude.

Let this year be a year in which you achieve not only material things but spiritual and emotional growth as well.

Comment below and answer this question: Do you plan to be more relaxed this year than you were last year?



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Lets suppose you want to triple your income in the next 2 years or double the revenue of your department, or meet and marry a wonderful person, here is a formula that can help you make your dream come true.

Say the word VIVA and apply each letter in the word to your goal.

V – Visualize the outcome that you want.

Several times a day, take a moment to see yourself in your mind’s eye with your goal accomplished. Make the picture of your accomplishment vivid, big, colorful, close up and life like. See yourself functioning in your future position with great joy and a deep sense of meaning. See yourself cheering and clapping as the figure you visualize is announced or the ceremony is being conducted.

When you habitually visualize a goal, you are programing your brain to help you achieve it.

One new drug rep wanted to become number one in her state. She had hundreds of experienced competitors, so she put the words “ Number One” on the dashboard of her car and every time she saw it, she visualized herself at the annual meeting walking up to receive her prize and …. she did.

I — Intend that the goal will materialize.

To intend means to adjust the attitude of your mind and body to fall in line with what you really want.

Right now, for practice, intend to pick up a book with your right hand. Don’t pick it up but intend to pick it up. Immediately you will notice that tension increases in the muscles that you would use to pick up the book, your posture will automatically change to match your intention and make it a little easier to pick up the book. Your whole physiology would be geared toward picking up the book.

In the same way, when you set your intention to achieve your special goal, your physiology will change to make it easier for you to do it. When you intend it in your mind, your attitude and physiological state will change so as to attract the things, people and circumstances that are consistent with the goal you have intended.

V- Verbalize your goal.

Talk your intention to achieve your goal as often as you can. Tell only the right people. Beware of naysayers. Create a small group of your colleagues or friends and meet every Tuesday for lunch and use 11 minutes to talk about your goal. Read about the subject of your goal as well. Surround yourself with video and audio programs about it and have detailed conversations about your goal to the people you love. Be obsessed with it and it will more likely come to pass.

A – Assume the role that you would have in your future goal.

Pretend that you have accomplished the goal and start acting and living as you would if the goal was already achieved. Act like it. If, for example, your goal is to inspire your employees to bring in an extra one million dollars of revenue, begin to act like a great inspiring manager, dress like one, talk like one. Look people in their eyes and let them know they can conquer the world. Act as you would if your goal was already accomplished.

Acting like the person you want to be, will trigger new feelings in you and around you that will motivate you and your team to do what it takes to pursue the goal with gusto.

So to achieve your important goal, think of the word VIVA and put each letter into action.


Handling Conflicts

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The fact that each one of us is a unique human being with our own special talents, gifts and natural tendencies, is a guarantee that conflicts will arise. Conflicts do not have to impede our progress, if we choose the correct response, they can become great catalysts to our success.

Here are 15 practical ideas that you can use when dealing with a conflict in any relationship.

  • Back away from conflicts. If you know someone is coming to pick a fight or provoke dissonance, try as much as possible to avoid that situation. Learn to spot conflicts in utero, before they are born, and back away.
  • If a conflict already exists, don’t suppress the discomfort. Don’t pretend that all is well. Don’t put off dealing with the person or persons involved. Make an appointment and address the issue at an appropriate time, as soon as possible.
  • Use the meeting as an opportunity to turn your opponents into supporters. As Abraham Lincoln said, “ destroy your enemies by turning them into your friends”.
  • Conflict resolution is important work. Conflicts cause stress and stress shortens life. Therefore take the time to prepare diligently for the encounter. The chance to unload the stress of a conflict is a wonderful gift. It could save you from a heart attack. So prepare well. Don’t only prepare the facts and rehearse your arguments, but prepare yourself emotionally. Eschew all frustration, anger, bitterness, revenge or hostility and fill your thoughts and your mind with feelings of empathy, kindness, humility and patience. Aim to be your wisest and noblest self when dealing with a conflict.
  • Make some rules that will govern the way the meeting or conversation must proceed.
  • Write down the goal or goals that you want to achieve from the encounter. For example: “I want us to agree never to shout at each other again, unless the house is on fire; or I want us to agree to get out of debt” or whatever. Go to the meeting with clear outcome goals.
  • In addition to the outcome goal or goals, adopt another type of goal, a behavioral goal or performance goal to govern how you will behave during the meeting. Whereas the outcome goal does not depend entirely on you alone, the behavioral goal is entirely in your hands. Here are a few examples: “I’m going to sit up straight and maintain eye contact. I am going to listen opportunistically and never interrupt. I’m going to take notes”.
  • Leave your ego at the door. Do nothing and say nothing out of a desire to look superior. Self-aggrandizement is absolutely forbidden. Boost the other person’s ego if at all possible. This is not a contest. This is not about winning. You win a fight but you resolve a conflict.
  • Define the problem clearly. Stick to the facts and leave blame, criticism or revenge out of it – just the fact. Beware of negative emotions such as envy, hostility, jealousy and self doubt.
  • Describe clearly the particular behavior or habit you observe, and not your interpretation of it. For example, it is better to say “I noticed you arrived at 4:30 pm,” rather than “you are always late”. Resist the temptation to condemn.
  • Banish judgment. Don’t judge something as bad because it is unfamiliar to you or at variance with what you believe. Embrace curiosity. Adopt an inquiring attitude and try hard to understand. This draws the other person to you. Empathy is amazing.
  • Refuse to defend yourself. When you are accused of something, turn the spotlight on the problem you are here to solve and focus on that and not on you or the other party.
  • Give up being right in favor of being happy. Admitting errors clears the score and leaves you better than before.
  • Communicate with clarity, courtesy, consideration, constructiveness, conciseness and congruence.
  • Listen more than you talk. The less you talk the stronger you become. Silence is strength.
  • Lower your level of tension before and during the meeting. Breathe in deeply and slowly thru your nose; and as you breathe out, relax all your muscles. Try to breathe like this for the duration of the meeting or conversation.
  • Beware! Negative emotions abound. Hostility can easily be triggered. Put on an attitude of understanding and acceptance, and move far away from the arena of revenge or blame.
  • Stay on top of your emotions. Notice how you feel and stay lifted. Stay positive.


If you are slow to anger, you are better than the mighty, and if you can rule your spirit you are grater than any general who conquers a city.



“ In all the trade of war no feat is nobler than a brave retreat”



What is the most common cause of conflict between you and anyone?


What Do You Need To Leave Behind?

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What’s holding you back?

I think that we should always look for landmarks that we can use as motivation to move to a higher plane in our lives. A new day, a new week or a new month presents each of us with a great opportunity to initiate change.

Imagine every morning for example, that you are going to a new country to start a new life …. In that new country you will have everything you need but you must leave behind everything that will slow you down.

So ask yourself what would hinder my progress in the new country or in the new life that I want to create for myself?

What bad habits should I leave behind lest my journey be compromised? What relationships do I need to end? What jobs do I need to give up?

Actually take the time out to examine how you have lived, what stood in the way of your progress and leave those things behind every time you give yourself the opportunity to begin anew.

Any attitude, emotion or tendency that you think will impede your progress?

Leave it behind.

When, as a medical student I went to study neurosurgery in San Francisco, I examined myself and I had to leave behind many habits and beliefs about myself that would slow me down.

You are on the verge of big success. You are embarking today on a new journey to a new country in this new day called tomorrow. A new level of success awaits you.

Something great is going to happen in your life if you clear away the baggage. You are destined to do amazing things in your new life.

But please ask yourself, “What do I need to leave behind in order to feel unencumbered and make fast progress spiritually, emotionally, financially and socially?”

What must I give up in order to have more energy and vibrancy to attract more success in my work and in my relationships?

Take the opportunity that a new day, week or month offers you to become a better person and be sure to leave some unwanted cargo behind.

Success depends on what you decide to leave behind.

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Interesting Facts About Happiness

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HAPPINESS in the workplace is a new vehicle to raise the income of a company. Research has demonstrated that happier employees accomplish more, get sick less and have a positive influence on company profits.

When you are happy you are 37% better at sales and if you are going for an operation, you better hope that your surgeon had a good happy, loving night because this alone will increase your chances by nearly 20%.

In addition to all this, happiness brightens the emotional and physical atmosphere in the workplace.

Happiness, to be happiness, has to be noticed. It surfaces from inside the individual who embraces it and affects those around.

When an employee, despite how busy she is, decides to take her happiness in her own hands and magnify it, positive physiological consequences are experienced by that individual, as well as by those around her.


Consider these benefits:


  • Happiness has a positive impact on the cardiovascular system. One study estimated that 100 bouts of laughter is equivalent to about 10-15 minutes on an exercise bike.
  • By deciding that you are going to be happy in the face of all your troubles, and by adopting the thoughts, attitudes and actions of a happy person, you increase in your circulation the levels of IgA, IgG, IgM, cytokines, natural killer cells CD4, complements and other natural chemicals and these are the armies that the immune system uses to fight cancer, foreign body invasion and infection.
  • You increase your risk of dying if you harbor depressive tendencies.
  • A study involving 36 women with cancer reported that those who consistently expressed joy despite the diagnosis live on.
  • Micro RNA are higher in happy people and these hormones combat depression, anxiety and stress.
  • Increased perceived happiness leads to a decrease in pro inflammatory condition and inflammation is linked to the major chronic diseases such as Diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and Dementia.
  • The single most important factor that will determine how long you will live, is how happy you are or how much you enjoy your life.
  • According to Robert Townsend, one of the most important roles of a leader is to protect the energy of his or her people and one way to do that is to behave with the happiness of your staff in mind. When you do all in your power to make your staff happy this increases their energy and they influence customers in amazing ways.
  • The most crucial discovery is that happiness does not only make you feel good and enable you to enjoy what you are doing, but it has long lasting physiological consequences.
  • A CEO or Manager can decrease the incidence of heart disease and cancer in the company by making the happiness of his employees a daunting priority.


When you consider all the physiological benefits of Happiness, it is amazing that Happiness is free and it is right where you are. You just have to decide that despite what’s going on, you will welcome happiness into your life.

Do you think we would be happier if we could go to the store, pick it up and pay for it?

Well we can pick it up. Its right within our reach , but we have to remember to pay for it.

We tend to leave our level of happiness at the mercy of others. How excited and positive we feel is generally determined by what is going on outside of ourselves.

A good lesson to remember is that whoever we allow to determine our level of happiness is determining the level of our health, our performance and our income as well.


Quick Prescription For Stress Relief

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If you are feeling stressed, anxious, overwhelmed or unhappy, do not despair.

We have helped millions of people get instant relief from anxiety, frustration and stress, and get back to feeling happy again.

Here are a few things you can start doing right away that will bring you great results:

1- Recognize that stress, with all its unpleasant irritating feelings, is due to the response that you make to the difficulties that you face.

The terrible situations by themselves cannot cause you stress. They need you to play victim. The trick is to respond to every difficulty in ways that enhance your energy and improve your health….

And in this way, turn every stressor into a trigger for self- improvement.

Here is an important question, no matter who you are…..

What is it that you are facing that is making you anxious?

The first step is to look at your life, stare the problem in the face. Recognize the culprit and name it….

And say with deep conviction, “ I can handle that” and you can..

You are much stronger than you think.


2- Increase the awareness that you bring to your life..

Turn up the wick of your awareness and let it shine brighter and brighter and focus it deep within you.

Be mindful every moment of how you are experiencing the world and cease to run your life on automatic …..

Open your eyes wide and see what you see and feel what you feel and bring your whole self more fully to your life and work.

Awareness leads to control and control leads to happiness. So the crux of this lesson is to turn up the power of your awareness.


3- At the slightest sign that your body is beginning to become stressed, do 3 things right away:

Tense your body for a moment and take a deep breath thru your nose and hold it for a moment

Release all tension as you breathe out slowly and mindfully

Focus on your arms and legs and feel them becoming heavy and warm. Continue to breaths deeply and slowly for as long as you can.

These techniques are simple but they have great power to relieve stress and improve your sense of subjective well being.



Practical Tips To Get Back To Happy and Leave Stress Behind

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Practical Steps:

• Anticipate stressful times and plan to reduce the stress. Imagine the problems and difficulties coming at you, but see yourself handling them calmly and effectively.

• Predict when you are most likely to become stressed and use your imagination to prepare the brain to excel.

• Exercise for 25 minutes 4 to 5 times per week. (Sudden exercise can be harmful. Start slowly and build up gradually).

• Avoid nutritional stressors like excess calories (eat little, live long), animal fat, sugar and refined carbohydrates, caffeine (coffee, tea, cola) and salt.

• Avoid eating at night. Metabolic rate is lower at night.

• Eat slowly. Become a slow eater. Never eat on the run.

• Put a price on your time. Refuse to do any tasks of less value unless it is for fun.

• Learn to delegate. Remember you are vulnerable to stress and disease and you are not indispensable.

• Laugh. This can change your emotions, your biochemistry and your brain.

• Smile. Carry with you the intention to brighter the lives of everyone you touch.

• Know why you are on the planet. Be able to state your purpose in your sleep.

• Make at least one or two goals everyday and focus on what is most important without distraction.

• Leave your inbox alone. It has more to do with other people than with you. Work on what is important.

• Plan your day with happiness in mind. Remember Happiness is the prize.

• Establish control over your physiology in response to any situation by instituting the practice of Instant Relaxation.

• Practice instant relaxation all day long. This is how you trim the tension away. First tense all your muscles and take a deep breath. Then relax your scalp face neck, jaws, abdomen and legs. Breathe deeply and evenly for as long as you can. Feel your arms and legs become heavy and warm.


When Enough is Enough

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I once worked for a prime minister who was very highly respected around the world. He was in power for a long time and it was time for him to retire as the markers of aging were beginning to appear.

As election rolled around a young and able opponent from the other party was beginning to gain the support of the country and no one seemed able to stop the young upstart.

The prime minister had all the power and respect of his people but he wanted more; so despite his failing health, he mounted a massage campaign and proved himself unbeatable again. He was hailed a hero again.

He gained more glory than he ever did before but 3 weeks after his victory he died of heart disease.

He chose MORE over his health.

Many of us are doing just that – giving our health for greater  wealth, greater power or more money.Do you know when enough is enough? Why strive for a whole loaf when just a slice will do?

3 Reasons to become a happier person

1. Really happy people live an average of 7.5 years longer and happiness is a choice.

2. Happiness is the antidote to stress and the happier your are the healthier and more productive you will be

3. By deciding to adopt the attitudes, demeanour and actions of a happy person you will raise the level of chemicals in your body that combat infection, depression, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and other diseases of inflammation and you will strengthen your immune system at the same time.


The Master Key For Increasing Happiness and Decreasing Stress

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Do you have what it takes to be truly happy and stress-free? Did you know that internal change for the positive is something that you can begin taking steps toward now? In my twenty plus years as a happiness coach and relief expert, I’ve seen and tried it all. Below are my most helpful hints for increasing your levels of happiness and decreasing your stress for good.

• Anticipate stressful times and plan to reduce the stress. Imagine the problems and difficulties coming at you, but see yourself handling them calmly and effectively.

• Predict when you are most likely to become stressed and use your imagination to prepare the brain to excel.

• Exercise for 25 minutes 4 to 5 times per week. (Sudden exercise can be harmful. Start slowly and build up gradually).

• Avoid nutritional stressors like excess calories (eat little, live long), animal fat, sugar and refined carbohydrates, caffeine (coffee, tea, cola) and salt.

• Avoid eating at night. Metabolic rate is lower at night.

• Eat slowly. Become a slow eater. Never eat on the run.

• Put a price on your time. Refuse to do any tasks of less value unless it is for fun.

• Learn to delegate. Remember you are vulnerable to stress and disease and you are not indispensable.

• Laugh. This can change your emotions, your biochemistry and your brain.

• Smile. Carry with you the intention to brighter the lives of everyone you touch.

• Know why you are on the planet. Be able to state your purpose in your sleep.

• Make at least one or two goals everyday and focus on what is most important without distraction.

• Leave your inbox alone. It has more to do with other people than with you. Work on what is important.

• Plan your day with happiness in mind. Remember Happiness is the prize.

• Establish control over your physiology in response to any situation by instituting the practice of Instant Relaxation.

• Practice instant relaxation all day long. This is how you trim the tension away. First tense all your muscles and take a deep breath. Then relax your scalp face neck, jaws, abdomen and legs. Breathe deeply and evenly for as long as you can. Feel your arms and legs become heavy and warm.


What Kind of Family Do You Want to Have?

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Most of us belong to a family. We love our family. We get together and try to have fun and we feel a sense of connection that has more to do with habit and genes than and specific set of values that we decide to bring to the relationship.

Here are 18 things you can do right away to improve the texture of your family experience on a daily basis:

1. Does your family love just because you are family? Would they give you the time of day if you were not? Would your attitudes and actions win their respect and admiration? Would they think you are a nice person? Cultivate 3 habits in your life that would make your family think the world of you even if you were not related

2. Call a family meeting for a few minutes and define 5 specific values that you want to be prominent in the family.

3. Have a specific time to get together and share every day or every week. Make it a priority. Create a routine and stick to it.

4. Take pictures together. Tell the story and note the kind of story the family is telling.

5. Control the reputation of the family. Ask the question, “From the way we live our lives, what qualities do the neighbours attribute to us as a family? Who do they think we are?”

6. Decide collectively to live in such a way that your family would make a positive difference in your neighbourhood.

7. Get together and laugh. Make happiness a priority and do simple things to lift up one another.

8. Profit from your family tradition. Every family is unique. Know what makes your family unique. Identify one or two things from the history of your elders, decide what is good and decide to promote it in the context of the family and pass it on.

9. Honour your family. Don’t look down on your family because other families might be more affluent.

10. Create opportunities for the members of the family to collaborate on a project – build something together. Visit the homeless together. The more you work together the happier you will be.

11. Help other families that are not as fortunate as you. Find a specific way to do it.

12. As a family, get together and give. One Christmas each member of a particular family decided what amount of money they were going to spend on gifts for each other. They then put that money together and gave it to a poor family overseas. This was the happiest Christmas they ever had. They changed the lives of others and their own lives were changed for the better.

13. Live with the happiness of each other in mind. Let compliments fall like rain.

14. Decide on 5 things that are important to your family and install them.

15. A good family is never found but created. Create a safe environment for each other within the family where each one feels free to tell the truth, however ugly but each person must be able to stand the truth from each other without rushing to judgment and condemnation.

17. Do something spiritual that will lift you all up together every week. Go for a walk, visit a sick person, meditate, contemplate or worship together.

18. Remember that you have the health of your family members in your hands. You can drive them crazy. You can make them sick. You can be a source of constant irritation and stress. This affects the heart and the immune system in negative ways. Aim to boost health at home in everything you do or say, so that you will strengthen the physiology of those who are closest to you.



Happiness Heals

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Tips for handling stress

Restrict the impact of a stressful event or situation. Don’t let it spread to a different area of your life. If it’s a work stressor, don’t let it downgrade your relationship to your spouse or your family. As soon as you recognize that you are affected by work stress, immediately take steps to upgrade the caliber of your relationships at home.

If you have problems causing you stress with one person, don’t let it spread and affect your relationship with others. Learn to put a wall around the situation to enclose while If unrestrained a stressor will invade unrelated areas of your life and cause havoc. If there is a stressful situation occurring at work, immediately protect your family life or you may end up fighting for no reason.

When stressors strike surround yourself with an impenetrable wall of grace, beauty, love and support. Let the other areas of your life glow as you work through your specific

Integrity – a defense against stress

There is no pillow as soft as a clear conscience. The integrity issue trips up most of us in some measure from time to time. It is crucial to keep your integrity intact although it is very hard to do so.

Every Tuesday morning John gets out his list of values and reviews them. These are the principles that govern his life and he makes every effort to stick to them. So he becomes thoroughly familiar with them and enact them in his life.

Integrity for John is knowing what you should do ( no confusion) and having the courage to do it even though others may ridicule you for it.

Emanauel Kant says that we should behave in such a way that our actions could become a universal law. Whenever I am tempted to let my integrity slip a bit, I usually imagine that everything I do will be not only on TV but also on the Internet. This usually motivates me to be noblest self.

Lack of integrity is a big cause of stress and I would advise you to work hard to eliminate this source of unhappiness in your life

First, take time regularly to have an integrity check up. List your principles. Look at your values. Listen to your inner voice and see how accurately your behaviour is alligned to the values that you hold dear. A house divided against itself cannot stand.

When everything falls there is a sense profound inner peace that stressful events cannot shake.

Happiness Heals

A Hungarian study revealed that sick children in hospital who were visited by Smiling Hospital artists showed an increase in lymphocytes which suggests that immunological changes may develop when more attention is given to sick children to make them

There is accumulating evidence that happiness is associated with reduced of Coronary Heart Disease and other diseases as well.

The more you enjoy your life, the less bouts of illness you will experience. Happiness and enjoyment of life are associated with greater wealth,, better education, being in a stable love relationship and being employed. All these factors are linked to longevity.

Whatever your status in life, making a decision to become a happier person and taking daily steps to follow through will lower your risk of getting sick.

Happiness causes an increase of IgA which is the first line of defence against disease.

Are you too busy to entertain happy emotions? Remember, Happiness heals.


What is the Sweetest Word in the English Language?

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I was traveling in Germany some years ago.

I traveled in a Volk Wagon Camper.

When I pulled up at the camping resort, the gate was closed and a big sign hung on the fence. It read, “closed for the night.”

I was half an hour too late. So, I was totally shut out of the resort.

I sat pensively in my vehicle and I wondered.

“Where am I going to sleep tonight? It is already 11 o’clock and everything is closed.

Is it safe to stay outside the camp? Will someone attack me?”

I was pondering these dark frightening thoughts that matched my depressed mood, when my pity party was disturbed by a vicious sound of a dog barking at me.

As I raised my eyes, this tall, official looking German guard darted fearlessly towards me with his bellicose dog. I looked up bracing myself for the harsh expulsion when the man looked at me with the kindest eyes I have ever seen and said, “ Come on in I have a place for you.”

I have often thought about that man and those words ,“come on in I have a place for you.” These were like honey to my ears, an unwarranted and greatly welcomed statement that I have since tried to use with others as often as possible.

Maybe this week you should open your heart or your office or your home to someone and say, ‘Come on in. I have a place for you or come on in, I have time for you’

If you live with this attitude foremost in your mind, imagine the number of people who will be blessed by your words.

This is a big part of being a successful person.



What You May Not Know About Stress

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When you are in the middle of a stressful situation over which you have little control, impulses go to the brain and one part of the brain called the Hypothalamus is stimulated and this leads to increased production of Cortisol. This hormone can have a deleterious effect on the physiology. It can reduce your ability to fight infection and cancer.

Review in Neurosciences has shown that cortisol may be synthesized in certain cells in your skin, namely cells in your hair. Studies have shown that there is a basal level of cortisol in hair but if you are exposed to stressors this may increase to add to the cortisol that comes from the brain. Since cortisol can have drastic effects on the body in times of stress, take steps not to let stressful events get under your skin.

Stress, Cardiovascular Disease and you

 If you are a hard working ambitious individual, one of the best things you can do while you feel well and have no signs or symptoms of disease, is to find out your risk of cardiovascular disease (heart attack or stroke) and begin to take steps to reduce your risks while you are healthy. The best times, says President Kennedy, to fix the roof is when the sun is shining.

The standard Cardiovascular Risk factors include, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or other lipid abnormalities, family history of heart disease, obesity and diabetes. Apart from these classic factors, work environment is playing a significant role in sickness and death from cardiovascular disease.

Overload, shift work, great responsibility without the ability to control outcome, interpersonal conflicts and lack of good communication with colleagues and supervisors are elements which contribute to the degree of stress that can cause harm to the blood vessels in the heart, the brain and the kidneys.

Identification and elimination of stressful hygiene factors should be undertaken, but beyond the removal of occupational stressors, each individual would be wise to take the challenge to assess her or propensity to develop a stress related disease, and learn some cognitive techniques that will take the stress out of stressful events and circumstances.

The connection between job stress and cardiovascular disease has been established. While companies are encouraged to reduce occupational risk factors, it is incumbent on each individual to protect his or her heart and brain.

Decide today that you are going to assess your risk of Cardiovascular Disease with your doctor, assess your stress level and learn valid scientific techniques that will reduce the negative impact of stress on physiology, and increase your ability to function well in difficult situations without concomitant ill effects.

Your risk of Cardiovascular Disease is changing automatically but never for the better, unless you decide to do something about it.


14 Ways to Give Effective Criticism

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In all areas of my life I always try to refrain from criticizing others. Criticism pretty well always provokes ill feelings. The negative emotions triggered by criticism have poisoned many friendships and ruined many marriages. Saying something negative should indeed be a last resort. If at any time you feel you must criticize, resist the urge as valiantly as you can but if after some time you know you have to say something, please bear these points in mind.

1. Put some thought into choosing the location for the meeting that would promote positive feelings. Do just decide to talk about the issue and rush into a conversation. Do your best to create an atmosphere of trust.

2. Always separate the behaviour or act that you are criticizing from the person. Imply that the deed that you highlight is not worthy of a person of their caliber.

3. Be easy on the person’s feelings. Use the occasion to let the person feel esteemed and confident. Highlight the good points that you admire in them.

4. Before you launch your attach, ask permission to point out something. Set aside a time that is convenient to both parties.

5. Choose a private place where the other person can feel safe.

6. Start with positive feedback. For example, “ Kathy, you are always such a reliable person, that not to have shown up without a word made me feel like I was dealing with a different person….”

7. Remember the brain has a bias to pounce on the negative so deemphasize the negative and accentuate the positive. Negative comments are hard to let go and easy to hold on to.

8. Talk on a feeling level. Use the first person I, not you. For example, “I feel a little bit nervous pointing this out to you,” or “it’s painful for me to mention this” Let them see your vulnerability.

9. Criticize the act, praise the person and banish blame and welcome curiosity.

10. Stick to the central issue and describe the behaviour that annoys you. Use descriptive language not judgmental one.

11. Always give a way out. For example, “you might have been tired when you did this, because it’s just not like you. But I feel I should point it out anyway”.

12. Use silence. Read the non verbal cues

13. Welcome feedback – don’t reargue any points. Don’t defend your right to bring up the issue.

14. Listen more than you talk.